Finger Lakes Action Network

The Finger Lakes Action Network is an open collective of community members organizing to defend the Finger Lakes region and its inhabitants from extractive industry, corporate power, and state/military repression. We strive to promote and support local solidarity networks and resistance to all forms of institutionalized oppression and systematic violence.

The Finger Lakes Action Network formed out of the Shaleshock Direct Action Working Group which was active during 2012. We are a No-Compromise Coalition. Doctors, scientists, and studies have proven that fracking is NEVER completely safe. We’ve seen how destructive fracking has been across the border in Pennsylvania, and we know the gas industry is relentless in its profit-mongering.

The Finger Lakes Action Network believes we can no longer rely on politicians and law-makers to prevent fracking and protect the health of our families and communities. This is not to say that the tireless efforts by local and regional communities and activists to place town bans and moratoria are in vain, but rather, we feel these efforts must be strengthened by tactics that directly confront the gas industry as it exists.

Direct Action has been a powerful tool in countless struggles throughout history. When our law-makers fail us, we simply have no choice but to use our own bodies to speak out and stand our ground.

The Finger Lakes Action Network is committed to building a strong direct action campaign targeting the fracking industry throughout the region. Together, we work to send a strong message to politicians and large multi-national energy corporations that we will stand strong and united to defend our land and communities.

Beyond Fracking, the Finger Lakes Action Network is committed to confronting histories of colonialism and militarism in our region. We believe we must honor the indigenous people who we share this land with and respect native treaties. We are committed to confronting the ways in which communities of color are marginalized and disproportionately impacted by everything from environmental issues to policing and incarceration.