Anti-Oppression Framework

While working together we will strive to cultivate an anti-oppressive and anti-hierarchical framework. We understand that oppressive behavior is normalized and internalized by our broader society. We acknowledge that the institutional, economic, political, social, and cultural dynamics of hierarchy, power, and privilege that define mainstream society also permeate social and environmental justice organizing. Combating these behaviors is an ongoing and difficult process. Anti-oppression and our work as grassroots organizers are very much intertwined. We strive to change oppressive power dynamics within our society and are committed to being accountable towards each other against any sexist, racist, classist, ableist, patriarchal, etc. behavior. We recognize the importance of integrating an anti-oppression into this organizing space so that we may move away from systems of hierarchy and oppression which only serve to divide and weaken us as environmental and social justice organizers. We work towards a horizontal structure of organization and incorporate anti-oppression so we may empower each other, strengthen our community and move together towards the collective liberation of all peoples and the earth for a world free from domination.